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residents scrambled as nickel size hail pelted them. trees were snapped, wires knocked down and tractor-trailers were flipp. a driver was killed when a tree fell on top of her vehicle in queens lt. at least five others were injured. ather service officials will be investigating whether it was in fact a tornado but witnesses report, seeing funnel clouds. the new york storm is one of many that struck several states. chris clackum has details. >> reporter: it tore through thursday evening. daybreak frida brought through out serious it was. aras like athens were hard hit. five of 13 people injured in the storms here were still in the hospital friday. a meteorologist says whatever it
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was had winds of up to 135 miles an hour that toppled mobile homes and caused widespread damage to other structures. >> t neighbor's garage blew up. come up in the air, pieces of it and hit the house. shifted its foundation. threw two by fours through the house, into the closet, into the bedroom. >> there was storm damage in northern ohio, too, that closed the campus of an agricultural research and development center. therwas also clean-up from a suspected twiser in of all places, new york city. where anotherth storms thursday left a mess considered at least out of the ordinary. >> i looked out and it was pitch black. then i saw the rain just going. you couldn't tell which way it was going it was blowing all over. and it was flying. all the furniture was flying. >> in wichita, kansas, they're still amazed at the giant hail stone, a storm produced out
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there. weighing over a pound. measuring a record 7-1/2 inches in diameter. chris clackum, nbc news. >> wow! that will hurt. that same storm gave us some rain. >> meorologist veroca johnson is here with the latest. >> yeah, we needed it. we didn't get a lot though. only a few hundredths of an inch of rain. you can see on the map here, the mid-atlantic where most of the severe weather was. across new jersey, staten isnd area around new york city. also the southeast pocket of ohio there with nine tornado reports coming out o the area. now it is well south and east of the area so continuing clearing we'll have and it will be a cool night, too. still looking at some extremely dry conditions over eastern west virginia. pretty dry here. then severely dry conditns still downround culpeper,
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rappahanck and going over to the shenandoah valley. we need that rainfall. our radar currently is quiet. i know we've got the clouds out there but those clouds are moving out ofhere. we'll talk about the next rain chance coming up. our temperatures, nothing like yesterday. we got past 90 degrees. capitol hill at 79. trinidad, too. you folks in fairfax county, 74 degrees. a little cooler. then your warm spot is south. 82 now in leonardtown. cooling down to 65 by 11:00 p.m. our skies will be clearing out this evening. a gorgeous seasonable weekend coming our way and a dra pattern going into next week. we'l talk about that and the fact thatkarl, hurricane karl, just made landfall around mexico. that coming upnd what's going on with igor as it approaches bermuda. we are following a story in
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silver spring. police are investigating the tragic death of a toddler. a 17-month-old boy was choked to death after getting tangled in a window blind cord. >> there were adults at home at the time. the child was rushed to the hospital in a police cruiser rather than waiting for an ambulance to arrive. news4 will have more in a live report coming up at 5:00 tonight. u.s. capitol police are investigating this morning's shooting unvolving one of their officers. around 5:00 an officer shot a suspect who pointed aun at him. it all happened in southwest. >> reporter: t united states capitol police are involving a lice involved shooting that happened around 5:00 a.m. just blocks from the capitol at second and c streets southwest. the u.s. capitol police said it happened moments after a lookout for a man with a weapon went out over the radio. >> it was for a man with a gun. when the officer observed the
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same man who matched the lookout exactly, brandishing a weapon directly at them they took the apprriate action immediately in order to protect their ves, which they feared for, and those around them. >> reporter: officers shot, striking the man accordi to a spokesman. police are not saying how the radio lookout for the man with the weapon originated. we don't know how many officers were involved in the shooting, nor how many shots were fired. but police are saying that they were concerned that the security of the capitol. >> the area wheree was shot was at second and c streets which is capitol grounds. very, very close to the capitol. you can see the dome right behind us. very close. >> reporter: u.s. capitol police say a gun was retrieved on the scene. their investigation is continuing. in southwest, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. new details about the man accused of shooting a door and his bedridden mother at johns
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hopkins university hospital yesterday before taking his own life. paul pardus lived in arlington, virginia work his 84-year-ld mother. his brother says their mother recently had surgery and would probably never walk again. when a surgeon at hopkins was giving pardus the news yesterday, poli say he became emotionally distraught. he shot the doctor and ran into his mother's room. where police believe he killed his mother, shot her in the head before turning the gun on himself. neighbors who described pardus as a devoted son were shocked. >> he used to take care of his mother, every day come home. i would see him take her tthe doctor every day. he took her to theursing thing or whatever. i can't believe he shot her. oh, i can't believe this. this is crazy. >> the surgeon who was shot, dr. david con, is expected to recover. frightening new details are emerging about the stand-off earlier this month at th discovery channel building. this time from those who were
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held hostage. news4's pat collins sat down this morning with two of the three hoages. >> just started praying hail mary after hail mary and guardian angels and anything i could think of. and the realization lying on the ground, like i'm a hostage. and you can hear some commotion. he was putting together his bombs. >> the hostages tked about the gunman and reveal how they were held captive. they also spoke about the threats made against them and the impact that those threats have had on their lives. ming up at 5:00, hear how that day has changed their lives forever. and you can watch the entire interview on ou website, metro may not give passengers the discount on those smart trip cards after all. the metro bod is having second thoughts about cutting the price the cards in half.
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from $5 to $2.50. metro fears it may run out of cards. people who could also use them toactually cheat the system, too, and you can carry a negative balance on your smart trip card. so met voe afraid people wl buy the cards and skip out on paying fares have more than $2.50. on top of that, metro just learned each card cost the transit agency $3.40. meaning it would lose 90 cents on each smart trip sale. northern virginia drivers will ha another way to get through springfield. night at 7:00, they will open the parkway extension. state oficials held a ribbon cutting here for thefinal link of the two-mile stretch monday. $61 million of federal stimulus money helped pay for the roadway. >> well, here is word about a traffic headache to be on the lookout for. the chain bridge will close at 8:0 so crews can work beneth the bridge deck. there will be no access from
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teeth district or arlington and that includes pedestrians and bikers, because the sewalk will also be closed. traffic on canal road won't be affected. the bridge will open again at 5:00 a.m. moay. >> it is friday. some people trying to get a jmp on the weekend on the roads. >> ashley is the woman behind the wheel. >> reporte good afternoon. the problem around the region is big delays. let's look at that. all right. this is the inner loop of the capitol beltway. you're coming around from college park, you are hit with a wall of traffic. it is already heavy as you approach the american legion. this is the pace of the approach. kennelworth inching along. now at the parkway we did have accident activity. word is that lanes are reopen. dramatic improvement around the capital beltway. no problems to report here. they are flying heading toward newington and then continuing own toward lorton with issue-free. as you you make your trip toward
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wood bridge toward quantico, you will be on the brakes and that's volume only. >> thanks. steven colbert is comedy central. now they are plning dueling rallies on the national mall october 30nd. the rallies are a satirical response to the glenn beck rally front of the lincoln memorial last month. stewart is calling his rally the rally to restore sanity. he said it will be like woodstock except the drugs and nudity will be replace bid respectful disagreement. and colbert is calling his event the march to keep fr alive. crews in the gulf of mexico are still on track to permanently spiel blownout bp well by this weekend. today crews started the so-called bottom kill procedure. they are now pumping mud and cement through the relief well and into the ruptured well. if all goes as planned, that well could be plaed by sunday. >> we're just getting started.
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a cheer leading controversy when the parents of a 6-year-old girl find a routine just too racy. also ahead, a tough rescue at hand in the effort to save sam son, the horse. >> once it hit me, i could actually hear bubbling in my skin. >> the local woman who gained national attention when she sai a stranger threw acid on her face. now we've learned it was all a lie. the disturbing story at 4:30.
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these folks had a big rescue on their hands after a 1,200 pound horse fell into a hole outside a house in arizona it was. down there f nearly four hours. the vets sedated the animal and put a blindfold over its eyes to keep the horse calm during the ordeal. the horse suffered a leg injury
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and some bumps and scratches. they're monitoring its condition but it is lookin like everything will be fine. the owner of the horse whose name was sampson that the horse was playing with another horse when it fell into that great. a michigan couple sys their 6-year-old daughter was kicked off the cheer leading squad because they thought the cheer was too sexual. jennifer tesch said her daughter came home singing these lyrics. our backs ache, our skirt are too tight, we shake our booties from left to right. both parents objectd. she said the team and the cheer leading association wouldn't budge. then voted her daughter off the squad. >> i don't even think that i could continue them removed us from the organization. it's i don't think i have anyway to fight that. and at this point i don't know if i would ever want go back any way. ultimately if they think it is to know remove a 6-year-old from the te, i wouldn't want my daughter in that organization anyway. >> the tesches say their
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daughter may look into gymnastics now that cheer leading is no longer an option. some d.c.tudents most at risk for obesity got a step-up lesson in staying fit. children's hospital sponsored this event for a group of middle students from area of the city with higher rates of childhood obesity. the children were taught how to move in a different way that would be more fun and would help them stay fit. another event planned forext week at the boys and girls club in southeast washington. it's always good to see you on fridays and it is always nice to talk about love. in this case, a couple brought togetr by a stage and a couple of laughs. >> we started this new feature called i do. it is a video series that tells the whole story of how a couple met and fel in love. one of the first one we did was a story of stacey and vincent.
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and they actually met doing karaoke. she was at a bar that she usually goes to where she likes to sing. and she saw him get up there. he sang her favorite song. she was sort of captivated, this edwin mccain song, i'll be. so they ended up singing a few duets together that nig. and she said she remembers that within three weeks, she sort of felt pretty sure they would get married. she ended up trying out for americ idol. as she was practicing, they decided to go back to the bar so she could sing her songs in front of anaudience and he proposed with that same song. >> that's neat. the wonderful karaoke. you never know what will happen in a bar. now let's check out the couple featured in this week's date lab. who did you set up? >> first we picked the guy, his name is re. a 22-year-old media buyer a big political guy. he came from the midwest. always wanted to be in d.c.
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he made his way here. looking for someone who could share that interest in politics with him. it is sort of part of who he is. he told us he was looking for someone smart, sweet, had a lot of confidence. was really motivated in her life. we kept that mind as we set h up with kelly who is 22. she is actu she works for, she is a d.c. native. she is outgoing, lost photography like he does. and she said she wants someone who can talk about the big conversations in life. the why are we here. the big philosophical ones. we sent them out to a placein dupont. they eachaid they thought the other was pretty cute. they used those exact words, pretty cute. it's a good star they ended up having really interesting conversations. they crossed paths in some way. they both spent a lot of anaheim australia so they definitely had thing to talks about.
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they had hobbies. they're really into photography. neither was entirely sure that the oter, that it was a romantic vibe but there was sort of chemistry and easiness the whole way. he was tired. that put a damp order things but they did like each other. you'll to have read on sunday wheth or not they really liked each other. >> so we know they're friends but we'll find out the rest. thanks so much. and of course you can get all the details about the date on sunday's "washington post." you can get ideas about where to take your own date on our website. next, ice cream-filled marijuana. the legalized concoction patients are scooping up. plus an actor on the hit movie 40-year-old virgin is heading to prison. ♪
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pnc. for the achiever in us all. thousands gathered overnight at jerusalem's western wall to pray ahead of the jewish day of atonement. today marks one of the holiest days of the year for jews. yom kippur involves fasting until nightfall tomorrow.
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back here, we got a littl rain last night. a little rain. >> a little. it didn't last long. you heard it. and i think you heard it, too. a little wind that came after it. as you'll see on the map, those rainfall totals, only a few-100ths of an inch of rain. really still dry out there. you've probably noticed a lot of the leaves dropping off the trees. >> yep, leaf droppage will be interesting to see. what kind of fall color we have. the air today is dry. wave north to northwesterly wind coming through the area. so later tonight, i think those clear ses will help send the temperature down a little lower than last night. 65 degrees by midnight. there's the sunset at 7:13. then into the 60s early tomorrow morning when the sun come up at 6:52. it should be around 59 or 60 degrees. high pressure moving in. we'll have those clear skies.
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close to an inch in frederick, maryland. over half inch of rain. martinsburg, west virginia. those are the areas that really needed to get the rainfall. so today, the dry air has been moving in. the next chance of rain might see a sprinkle or two sunday night. that's about it. annapols, maryland. just over an inch and a half. your temperatures at 77 degrees in anne arundel county. just over an inch of rainfall. 76 deges with a light northerly wind. look at the cl air up to the north. buffalo at 62. new york at 70. we're at 80. at least we're not at 90egrees like we were yesterday. beeen those 80s and90s, that's where the weather front is. coming through the area, you can see the severe weather. one around new york city and new jersey. another coming through ohio and western west virginia. but now, high pressure. this is high pressure that will hang on most of the weekend. high temperature this weekend.
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the front could bring a sprinkle late sunday night. a cool one for the overnight period. 50s to around 60 degrees here. in detroit, down 55. 49 in buffalo. 35 in caribou, maine. before long we'll start talking about freeze arnings. we, too, have the fall equinox coming up next week. our temperatures drop from 75 to 65 by morning. comfortable, 54 to 60 degrs. or the afternoon, 79 to 84 degre. your four-day forecast. it's a dry one. hanging out around 80 to about 83 degrees. coming up in a little bit, we'll talkbout what's gng to th igor. getting closer to bermuda. then we've got karl as a hurricane. it just made landfall not too long ago aund mexico. >> the active season continues. there is a lot more to come in the next half-hour including the top media buzzwords of the year. also, it turns out it was a hoax. the latest on the woman who
4:26 pm
originally said, atranger threw acid in her face. and will natalee holloway's mother meets face to face
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here's what's happening right now. u.s. capitol police will be turning over their findings about today's shooting to a u.s. attorney's office. officials say at about 5:00 this morning, an officer shot a suspect who pointed a gun at him. it all happened southwest near capitol building. fficials say the injured suspect is in grave condition. >> new yorkers are cleaning up after a monster storm that has them ruing for cover from flying debris, hail, and falling power lines. trees were snapped and
4:30 pm
tractor-trailers were toed like toys. one person was killed when a tree fell on her vehicle. weather officials are looking into whether it was actually a tornado. after five months, the bp well that spewed millions of gallons of oil into the gulf of mexico is finally about to be plugged. on and for all. crews are now pumping cement into the blownout well. that means it could be sealed permanently by sunday. and stocks fluctuated today after a new report that showed a decline consumer sentiment. despite other recent signs of economic growth. but the dow did finish the day 13 points higher and the s&p gained a single point on the day. it is a stunning turn of event. a wash state woman who gained national and international attention following an alleged attack apparently made it all up. she told police a stranger threw acid in her face. but she actually splashed the acid on herself.
4:31 pm
>> his storro admitted her injuries were self-inflicted. >> reporter: a shocking revelation from a police department that has spent hundreds of hours investigating a crime that never happened. bethany storro, police say, now admitted she burned her own face with acid. >> she is extremely upset. she isvery remorseful. in many ways, something that just got bigger than what she expected. >> reporter: last mon the 28-year-old spoke out, shrouded in bandages. painting herself as a symbol of strength. >> i want to do this because if anyone has any information, the girl that did this to me, you know, if we could all come together and help find her. >> in what seemed like a brave act then, she told the world that an african-american woman with a pony tail whom she didn't know approached her a said, hey, pretty girl, would you like the drink this before throwing acid in her face. >> once it hit me, i could
4:32 pm
actually hear bubbling on my skin. >> reporter: a dramatic account that quickly raised questions. if acid was thrown at her, why didn't it splash her neck? why was her face the only thing injured? then the sunglasses. she claimed divine intervention saying she didn't like sunglasses but bought a pair 20 minutes before the attack. >> 20 minutes before. i want to buy glsses. sunglasses. that's like, that's jesus for sure. i mean, you know? that's a racle. >> reporter: freelance writer said a major red flag for him, when storro pulled out of her scheduled appearance on oprah. >> she was pleased and excited to go on oprah. she backed out according to her facebook wlkt she suspected they would be asked questions, the very same questions i was posing to h. >> reporter: storro is now avoing all media requests. one of her friends simply posted heart broken on a facebook page.
4:33 pm
everyone asking on question. why? >> instantly, they become very important. they're the center of a lot of attention. and that feel real good. they get a loof sympathy. they are usually pretty needy people who are searching for that. >> that was kristen lker reporting. police officers even stopped several women who matched the description that storro gave them before anyone knew her storyas false, there was an outpouring of sympathy. she received letters from around the world and bank accounts were even set up to help her. a one-time suspect in the arubadisapprance of natalee holloway met with the mother of the missing teen while in jail. beth holloway twitty's aorney said she sbeept the prison with a dutch journalist and spoke to bjorn van der sloot for a few minutes. she was kicked out because she didn't have permission to be there. the journalist said she told van der sloot snowed hate in her
4:34 pm
het for him. he is being held in the murder of a peruvian woman. an actor best known for playing an electronics store clerk in the 40-year-old rgin was convicted of attempted murder. police say shelly tried to kill his girlfriend two years ago by stabbing her more than 20 times. he said he miook her for an attacker in the dark. he is now facing 21 years to life in prison. more news to come at 4:00. a toddler under water for almost half an hour. barely a chance to survive. now he is full of life. hear from the mother. plus, how often can people be chosen for jury duty? liz crenshaw will answer that question and aew3q what's up ? ugh. my feet are killin' me.
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veroni is back with more on the tropical storms. >> we have a trio out there. one that just made landfall around mexico just near ver amp
4:38 pm
cruz. one just mexico of there. take a look at the huge waves coming in. the forecast on waves is eight to 15-foot waves off the coast. the storm system came in with 100-mile-per-hour winds. they're expected to see excessive rainfall of five to eight inches between attempt pico and down through vera cruz in mexico. this being its second landfall with the system. meanwhile as in, very, very busy in the tropics. not only do we have karl that you see there but we have igor. then we've got julia, too. th last time that we've seen so many storms brewing in the tropics was back in 1998 when four of them roed. noaa was busy forecasting the season for us. the track, the track on igor right now puts it just to the east of bermuda. see that dot? that's bermuda. we're talking about sunday to monday. but it will come pastbermuda
4:39 pm
with some hurricane force winds and they probably lash bermuda for a day to a day and a half. so they're going to get a lot of rain a the storm system swipes by at the end of the weekend. what we'll see here are some very dangerous rip currents again along the ast. luckily even with three storm until late in the season, we have not been bothered along the east coast. if you're heading to the beach, too, water temperatures at 76. air temperature right now, 77 at sterling. clinton now at 79 degrees. you folk around frederick, mount airy. people say you don't mention mount ry enough so there you go. 60 by tomorrow morning. we're going to have a lovely weekend. should be a good weekend for college football, too. no major weather systems across the nation. the weekend is great going into next week. 79 to 82. maybe a few clouds on nday. there is a weather front that will come in on monday. i don't think we'll see any rain. the next chance of rainfall, not until wednesday of next week. >> good football weather for
4:40 pm
reskins too. >> even tonight. when news4 at 4:00 continues, ice creamlavored marijuana? how one store is capitalizing on california's medical marijuana law. the one word used repeatey on the show "jersey shore" that made it high on the top media buzz words of the year list. i'm liz crenshaw. why does the popcorn package have nutrition for both popped and unpopped corn? that's the question. ♪
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are you ready for some answers? is it okay to use dish washing liquid in your dishwasher? how often can people be chosen for jury duty? why does the popcorn package have nutritional informing for popped and unpopped popcorn?
4:44 pm
liz crenshaw joins with us those friday answers. good friday to you. great to see you. first up, we've got a question from jessica in college park, maryland shelf wants to know if it is okay to put dish washing liquid in the dishwasher. she said it would be cheaper. >> we did contact the association of home appliance manufacturers, and the american cleaning institute. both say you cannot use dish washing liquid in place of diswasher detergent. they require special conditions under which they have to work. plus, too many suds will smother per water action in your dishwasher. not to mention you'll have a risk of overflow of suds which will damage both the machine and the floor around it. it would be kind of a lucille ball program. you would be like lucy, ricky, ethel. >> we had on of those, too. our nextuestion come from timmy in d.c. she feels like she gets called r jury duty more often than most folks. e wants to know how people can be osen for jury duty?
4:45 pm
>> we checked with several county and state courts for this answer. the courts all said that the law varies state to statend even county to county. now in d.c., you shouldn't be called in to serve more than once in two years. montgomery county court, can't resummon a juror for a minimum of three years. however, each county court in maryland is different. and fairfax curts told us that once jurors are called in, they shouldn't be contacted for a minimum of three years. and that law applies to every court in the state of virginia. it is state totate and county to county. but hopefully it is not every other week. >> you know it. interesting. hear our last question. it is from randy. he likes orville readen bacher. so do we. he wants to know why the box has nutritional information for both popped and unpoed popcorn. >> wendy is really paying attention to these boxes. we contaed orville
4:46 pm
reddenbacher. they said the fda requires them to put both values on the label. this is because nrition amounts can change after the foods presxard some fat and butter can remain in the popcorn bag after popping which reduces the fat content in the cooked popcorn. the same is true of other foods such as cake mixes, box macaroni and cheese. so both the uncooked and the cooked. if you have a questi you would like us to consider for ask liz, do send it. you can also use this e-mail address to contact us about any story idea that you have. coming up on news4 at 5:00, where does the lottery money go? what is an every cigarette and is it safe? we'll have those answers for you then. >> i've blown some that you were and will pink bubbles in my day. >> most is pink. you're right about staying in the bag. some of the butternd definitely salt stays in there so it would be a bit of a
4:47 pm
difference. >> they're giving you the cooked and the uncooked. >> we'll see you at 5:00. a company that tracks trends in word usage has just released the top buzz words of the year. to make the cut every word o the list had to amass atleast 25,000 citations on the internet or other form of media. number three, comes from the reality tv show "jersey sre." it is g rim do. a slang term that snooki and other cast member often used to refer to italian american. number two is the word dysfunctional. that made popular by the tv show, modern family. and a couple of other tv words take the number one spot on the list. they are bp stillcam. coming up, a toddler underwater for 25 minutes is brought back to life. hear from the child's mother coming up. plus, medical marijuana is lel in california. find out the creative ways th're putting that in food.
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a massive fire broke out last nightt a junk yard in shenandoah lley. firefighters say this blaze appeared to center around the large pile of tires. they had to build a retention barrier to keephe flame from spreading and to contain the run-off from melting tires. it took several hours and firefighters from multiple jurisdictions to get everything under control. a colorado toddler is back to life today after his heart stopped for nearly an hour. >> gore is his name. he showed no sign of drowning over the smer. his mother told meredith viera back in july, her 2-year-old unlatched a screen door to their home and slipped away. he was found trapped under a log in a fast-flowing irrigation ditch. gore was underwater r 25 minutes. doctors had little hope that he would bounce back.
4:52 pm
>> almost an hour before they got his heart started. >> 25 minutes. theyame in and gave cpr. got to the hospital, another 15 minutes them got his heart started and then after we arrived at children's in denver, it was less than 1% chance that they gave. >> now little gore has gotten a clean bill of health. doctors say a reflex that helps mammals like sxeel. dos stay under water for a long time help him survive. >> incredible. still ahead on news4 at 4:00, marijuana infused ice cream. >> a craze happening in california. we'll tell you abt it. coming up at 5:00, the men held hostage inside the discovery headquarters are now talking about their ordeal. >> don't come in here. i'll blow us all up, you know? today is a good day to die. >> how they got caughtin the middle and what they feared the
4:53 pm
most while they were being held. this is video that would make any parent crine. a toddler wanders away, ends up on the road. who stepped in to save him? and mayor fenty lost the democratic primary but the city's republicans want h to be their candidate. will he switch parties and jump back into the campaign? ♪ ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sotimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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whether medical marijuana will be legalized in the district is still being debated. regulations may be set later this year or early next year. meanwhile in california, patients are getting their medical marijuana in a tasty way. they eat it mixed with gourmet i cream. one pint contains the equivalent of eight joints. nbc's stephanie chung reports. >> ice cream in three different flavors. >> reporter: the ice cre you get here is beyond your usual
4:57 pm
order. it is medicated with marijuana. there is triple chocolate brownie. >> premium ice cream with chunks of the brownie. >> pot infus banana ice cream and this is strawberry with cheese cake with marijuana. >> manmade with organic local strawberries and a reduction. >> reporter: the detailed concoction is the pride and joy of creator jonathan. he said the ice cream is high class goorm eight option for parents who want a healthier alternative to smoking. >> ice cream is a way we can do that and make it deliciously amazing. >> reporter: at $15 a piece, this stuff is pretty potent. he said there are two to four doses of cannabis for each half pint. finhing one of these off would be similar to smoking an eighth of high grade pot. about eightjoints. >> everybody who tried us has told us they loved it and we've had a lot of people who have
4:58 pm
come back for seconds and thirds and fourths. >> too b we don't have smell vision. you guys at home would love. this. >> reporter: some might not be too happy about. this marijuana laced ice cream may be dragging the wro sort of attention. >> very explicitly label all of our products with the marijuana leaf. and it says keep out of reach of children. very mindful. i have a daughterism come from a very conservative family. >> reporter: he said ultimately his goal is to help his patients, making this double the treat. >> and in order to guy the i cream, you have to be a card carrying marijuana patient. that's news4 at 4:00. news4 at:00 starts right now. a developing story out of montgomery county. a toddler is dead tonight after getting tangled in a window cord.
4:59 pm
police are treating this as a death investigation but they don't suspect foul play. good evening. i'm jim hany. >> and i'm wendy rieger. investigators are calling this a tragic accident. here's what we know. police were called to the home off northampton drive. they rushed the 17-month-old boy to the hospital in a police cruiser. derrick ward is live with the developinstory. >> there are so many danger that's we seek to protect our children from and most of the i'm that we assume they are outside the home. but there are dangers that lurk inside as well them cause us to recess our ideas of safety. that's a lesson the family who lives in this apartment learned earlr today. >> the call went out to montgomery county police at a quarter until noon for a situation involving a child in an apartment here on northampton in silver spring. a neighbor describes the frantic scene unfolding. >>

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